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Inside of a desktop prebuilt computer, full of RGB and powerful components.

The Best Deals For All Your Computing Needs

Whether it's for casual usage or you're a hardcore gamer; we got you covered. We sell quality prebuilt computers fit for any task. 4k gaming? We got it. Casual work? We got it. And everything in between? We got it!

A CPU, along with a circuit board.

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Pre-built computers.

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RGB gaming keyboard, mouspad, and mouse.

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The premium gaming experience.

Customize Your Own Computer!

Are you somebody who knows what they want? Are you extra fancy and already know your dream computer? Well, then check out our WBC Customizer! Put in the components you want to make your dream PC, and our professionals here at WBC will contact you with more information! Check out our WBC Customizer today!

Inside of a Gaming desktop prebuilt computer. WIth RGB.

Why should you choose a prebuilt computer?

Our prebuilts are crafted by experts, and inspired by expertise. WBC Prebuilts embody a perfect blend of budget-conscious construction and the wisdom gained from years of experience. Our team of skilled professionals meticulously designs and builds each PC, ensuring a seamless fusion of quality and affordability.

With our prebuilts, you get great:

Enjoy low building fees, and forget about the fuss of purchasing individual components


You get the same great quality as buying the components individually, except here they are all assembled.


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