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The WBC Custom prebuilt computer is the perfect choice for those who want to pick their own components and have complete control over what goes into their machine. You can choose the CPU, RAM, Storage, GPU, and Case, as well as the CPU cooler, Motherboard, and PSU if you have specific preferences. Whether you're a hardcore gamer looking for top-of-the-line components or a professional seeking powerful performance for demanding tasks, the WBC Custom has got you covered. Build the PC of your dreams with the WBC Custom.

WBC Custom - Pick Your Own Components (See Product Info)

  • The $50 is the processing fee, the final price will be higher (in accordance to the chosen components). The final price will be decided and discussed via email, and the custom prebuilt will be delivered to your address after the payment has been recieved. The RGB option includes RGB case fans, and will result in a slightly higher price (roughly $25-$75).

    You must include:





    You can include (if you have a preference):

    -CPU cooler



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